10 Things You Should Never Throw Away

Old T-Shirts
Old T-shirts make great dust cloths. Ingram Publishing/Thinkstock

A favorite T-shirt is like an old friend. I have T-shirts that I've worn for 15 years and others that I should have stopped wearing a decade ago. When the holes on your favorite T-shirt are big enough to accidentally stick your arm through, it's time to consign your old friend to the rag drawer.

Cotton T-shirts make the best all-purpose rags for dusting, wiping off counters, washing cars. OK, that's not exactly true — old cloth diapers are the absolute champion of rags, but harder to find.

If you're a super-crafty DIY fashion type, check out these 50 ways to repurpose an old T-shirt including bracelets, hair wraps, tote bags, and rag rugs.