5 DIY Halloween Decor Ideas

Cover your mantle with friendly pumpkins. Since this kind of jack-o'-lantern involves no carving, kids can tackle it solo. See more Halloween pictures.
Riser/James Baigrie/Getty Images

If it's October in America, the best-case scenario is "scary and gross," a home that repels, frightens, maybe even disgusts if the look is truly successful.

You can go out and spend hundreds of dollars on pre-fab Halloween decorations from a hobby shop or party store or big-box for a city of perfect plastic pumpkins and ghosts and haunting, glow-in-the-dark cat eyes. Or, you can make a crafting project of it, spend a lot less money and some quality time with the kids, and then give those kids something to work on while you take a nice, long bath.

It just takes some time and planning to do your own Halloween decorating. Here are some easy ways to prepare your home for All Hallows Eve. Go with a single theme or pick a couple of ideas from each to give your trick-or-treaters a holiday thrill.

A little dose of arachnophobia is a good start…

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