5 DIY Halloween Decor Ideas

Seeing Ghosts
These ghosts are made from tiny pumpkins and gauze.
Alexandra Grablewski/Botanica/Getty Images

Sometimes, you've gotta go Old School. Ghosts are one of the most traditional Halloween spectacles, and they're also one of the simplest to pull off.

If you have a throwaway white sheet in your linen closet, you have a free ghost.

If you have a thrift store nearby that sells linens, you have a very cheap ghost.

Using some string and a big-eye needle, hang the sheet at several points from a tree in your front yard. Drape it over a coat rack or standing lamp inside. Draw on some eyes to give it some extra character (and include a smile if your ghost is friendly). Glow-in-the-dark paint can be a nice touch here, especially if you'll be placing your ghosts outside.

If you want to go small, use tissues instead. A dozen tiny tissue-ghosts hanging from the ceiling or even from the front porch is a nice effect.

Or, go with another childhood fantasy -- be the house where she lives…

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