5 DIY Halloween Decor Ideas

Eerily Delicious
Pumpkins and gourds are the workhorses of the holiday.
Pumpkins and gourds are the workhorses of the holiday.
Photo courtesy of GrapevineTexas.gov

Those pumpkins from your hat centerpiece have a much more traditional role in Halloween décor: as the glowing, spooky jack-o'-lantern welcoming your Halloween guests.

Pumpkins and gourds and all sorts of autumn produce are the workhorses of the holiday. Carve out a bunch of giant gourds, fill them with apples or candy corn and stack them in each corner of the room. If you're a gourmand, bake sweet pumpkin mash or mix up pumpkin soup and serve it in tiny gourd tureens. Line up a string of mini-pumpkins along the mantle. Put a jack-o'-lantern (with an electric candle, of course) in each window of the house, facing passersby.

To really catch some glances, build a giant, stacked-pumpkin pyramid in the front yard. You can paint on silly or scary faces, and maybe even prop up a scarecrow to watch over the patch. Don't forget to venture outside of the orange color range -- pale pumpkins or bright gourds will stand out from your more traditional jack-o'-lantern.

The creativity is really just beginning, though. Remember, this is your Halloween…

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