5 DIY Halloween Decor Ideas

Here, There and Everyscare
The Nixon White House took advantage of the inherent creepiness of mirrors to turn a stateroom into a funhouse.
The Nixon White House took advantage of the inherent creepiness of mirrors to turn a stateroom into a funhouse.
Photo courtesy of WhiteHouse.gov

There's no limit when it comes to Halloween decorating. Love glitter? Use handfuls of orange and black glitter to make faces on pumpkins rather than carving (a much more kid-friendly project).

Create frightening "specimen jars" using mason jars, water with yellow-green food coloring, and creepy, floating "specimens" - a doll head, an action figure, a yellow squash, a rubber snake -- and line them up on the mantle or the dining room table.

Make use of the inherent creepiness of mirrors by painting eyes on one in the entryway. Plant some cardboard or foam-core tombstones in the front yard.

Halloween can be pretty, too. A wreath of fall blooms and berries becomes a Halloween wreath when you tie a black bow on it.

If it makes you think of Halloween and it's safe, it goes. With some scissors, glue, tape and a quick trip to a grocery store, you can give your house some full-on Halloween spirit. And give yourself some free time while the kids stick spiders all over the floor.

For more Halloween decorating ideas, check out the links below.

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