Energy-Saving Tips to Save Money and the Planet

By: Blythe Copeland

Unplugging unused electronics is just one way to cut costs.
Unplugging unused electronics is just one way to cut costs.

If you’ve been dragging your feet about making better environmental choices because it seems like too much effort, then maybe you just need a little more motivation – like factoring in all the money you can save when you cut your energy use. Here are three ways to use less energy and free up funds to put toward the things you really want.


Battle Vampire Power

Turning off appliances when they’re not in use lets you use less energy and cut your bill, but to really see an impact you should go one step further – unplug power cords and turn off power strips to prevent vampire energy use and you could see a savings of $100 a year.


Join a CSA

A community supported agriculture program will connect you with a local farm that provides fresh produce throughout the spring, summer, and fall. While you’re helping the planet by eating local, often organic fruits and vegetables – minimizing the impact of your food footprint – you’re also saving money: Prices vary, but the CSA price is often much lower than buying the same amount of fruits and vegetables without a membership or at your neighborhood supermarket.


Fix Your Faucets

According to Energy Star, a faucet leaking hot water can add 212 gallons of water to your bill each month. But you won’t just be paying for the H20 – you’ll also be shelling out for the energy required to heat that water. And while you’re at it, lower the temperature on your water heater to 140 degrees and give yourself a break on the utility bill that way, too.


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