5 Indoor Cleaning Tips


De-clutter & Organize

Fall and spring are both excellent times to organize your clothes. During spring cleaning you'll want to evaluate your winter wardrobe: Did you wear that sweater even once this year? If not, time to donate it. Of course, the same applies to your summer clothes.

But doing this purge of the unnecessaries can be easier if done twice annually — and more than just with your wardrobe. And it doesn't need to be an overwhelming project.

Just walk through your house with a list in hand with three questions:

  • Have I used it in the past year?
  • Could it be better used by someone who needs it?
  • Can I sell it at a tag sale or put it on craigslist.org?

Feeling like Wonder De-clutterer? Spend another weekend tackling the garage or the attic before the cold weather comes knocking.