5 Indoor Cleaning Tips


Launder Away

Before settling in for a long winter's nap, schedule some time with your washing machine.

Launder all your bedding — everything from your pillows, sheets and mattress pads to the blankets and comforters you've had stored away all summer long. And while it's bare, take the opportunity to flip your mattress(es) — turn the mattress from head to foot and flip it over. If you have a new no-flip mattress model, you're ahead of the rest of us.

While you're having a date with your washing machine, take the time to check your window treatments. Some are made of machine washable fabrics, while others should be professionally cleaned — check the label and wash accordingly.

Did You Know?

Your clothes dryer uses about three times the energy your washer does. Consider a temporary clothesline during your fall cleaning. You'll save money and be a little bit greener.