How and Where to Recycle Alkaline Batteries

battery recycling bin
AP Photo/Jens Meyer

Long the lifeblood of countless electronics, batteries like our trusty AAs and AAAs have packed landfills for years. Now, with a rise of battery recycling programs and alternatives to alkaline easier to find than ever, damage done by disposables can begin its decline?with your help.

So what can you do to dispose of those alkaline enemies of the ecosphere? Recycle, of course. Recycling used batteries is so important that the European Union has made it a law to do so. Over there, you can just take old copperheads back to a retailer.


On this side of the pond, there are specified places you can take your old batteries?just plug in your zip code into this destination locator to find a recycling depot near you.

If you're sick of the whole cycle?having to buy and dispose and buy again?then check out this newish rechargeable battery. It charges right in any computers USB port. It really doesn't get any simpler than that. Down with alkaline!

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