Will I save money by going green?

Save your green by going green. See more green living pictures.
©iStockphoto.com/Arpad Nagy-Bagoly

In the United States, conventional wisdom tells us "living green" is for the rich. The evidence is everywhere -- Whole Foods versus Walmart, $100 LED light bulbs versus 79-cent incandescents, solar panels versus grid hookup, $4 organic red pepper versus the still-ludicrous $2 conventional one.

Such compelling evidence aside, conventional wisdom is, as is so often the case, wrong. Going green is often the cheaper option, and by a lot. Just ask your grandmother which costs more, hanging laundry on a line or a using high-efficiency electric dryer. (We'll save you a phone call: The dryer costs about $95 a year, and the line method runs about $5 -- and that's just if some of your clothes pins break.)

That's a simple one. There are dozens of ways to save money while decreasing your environmental dark side. Here's a little taste:

Power off

The screensaver on your computer uses the same amount of power as when it's on and being used. Switch your PC off if you're going to be away for a while. Get more tips at FutureFriendly.com