Haageocereus chrysacranthus

Haageocereus chrysacranthus is a columnar cactus with many ribs and fine needlelike spines.

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The haageocereus chrysacranthus, a columnar cactus from Peru, features numerous ribs and fine needlelike spines.
Haageocereus chrysacranthus. See more pictures of cacti.

Previously classified with the Cereus, this cactus from Peru is one of those that can change its appearance with a less austere environment in the home of a loving collector.

Plenty of food and drink, if it does not kill the plant with indigestion, will produce a fatter looking cactus with more ribs. Give it bright light, heavy soil with excellent drainage, cool to house temperatures and good air circulation.

Since it is rather slow growing on its own roots, it is sometimes grafted on the roots of a more vigorous cousin.

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