Hardy Ageratum, Mist Flower

By: C. Colston Burrell
Hardy ageratum, also known as mist flower, blooms in See more pictures of perennial flowers.

Description of hardy ageratum: These perennials are 2-foot mounds of triangular, coarsely-toothed leaves and flat-topped clusters that bloom early in the fall.

Hardy ageratum ease of care: Easy.


Growing hardy ageratum: Mist flowers prefer a good, well-drained but moist garden soil in full sun or partial shade. They like a bit of shade in places with hot summers. Plants appear late in the spring; digging them up by mistake should be avoided.

Propagating hardy ageratum: By division in early spring or by seed.

Uses for hardy ageratum: The showy blue flowers are welcome in early fall and the plants are excellent in a border or used as edging.

ageratum related species: Both Eupatorium maculatum and E. purpureum, now classified in the new genus Eutrochium, are handsome American wildflowers called joe-pye weed. E. maculatum grows to 6 feet tall and bears rounded heads of many small, thinly fringed, purple to light purple flowers on stems that are shaded or spotted purple. E. purpureum has stems that are usually green, and the flowers smell of vanilla. Both are spectacular in the back of a border. Although adaptable to average garden soil, they prefer an evenly moist spot.

Scientific name for hardy ageratum: Conoclinium coelestinum

Hardy ageraum growing zone: USDA 6

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