Hare's Foot Fern

The fronds of hare's foot fern are typically fernlike. See more pictures of ferns.

These ferns are nicknamed by various animal names because of their thick, hairy rhizomes that creep over the potting mix and down the sides of the pot, looking much like animal paws.

Its fronds are typically fernlike, being roughly triangular and heavily divided. These plants are remarkable among ferns for their tolerance of dry air. To multiply them, cut off sections of rhizome with at least two fronds and pin them down onto a damp growing medium.


Hare's Foot Fern Quick Facts

Scientific Name: Davallia sp.

Common Names: Hare’s Foot Fern, Squirrel’s Foot Fern, Deer’s Foot Fern


Light Requirement for Hare's Foot Fern: Bright Light to Filtered Light

Water Requirement for Hare's Foot Fern: Drench, Let Dry

Humidity for Hare's Foot Fern: Average Home

Temperature for Hare's Foot Fern: House to Cool

Fertilizer for Hare's Foot Fern: Balanced

Potting Mix for Hare's Foot Fern: All-Purpose, Epiphyte

Propagation of Hare's Foot Fern: Division, Layering

Decorative Use for Hare's Foot Fern: Hanging Basket, Table

Care Rating for Hare's Foot Fern: Easy


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Learn how to care for house plants:

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