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Herb Growing Tips

Perennials as Herbs

Plant perennials that double as herbs in flower beds and borders. Some herbs masquerade as perennials (and vice versa) because they can be used for decorating, fragrance, or cuisine. Some examples include the following:

Herb plant
Some herbs double
as perennials.

  • Sweetly fragrant bee balm has flowers and foliage wonderful for tea or drying for potpourri.

  • Yarrow bears everlasting flowers for dried arrangements. Air drying is fine for golden-flowered forms. To preserve the color of pink, red, and white-flowered yarrows, dry them in silica gel.

  • Lady's Mantle is a historical herb with lovely scalloped leaves and small sprays of yellow-green flowers for cutting.
  • Pinks have fragrant flowers that can be used fresh for cut flower arrangements or dried for potpourri.

Once you decide to make a garden of perennial herbs, be sure to follow these tips:

  • Use herbs with attractive foliage for season-long color in perennial gardens. Amid the comings and goings of perennial flowers, neatly or colorfully clad herbs maintain enduring style and beauty.

  • Some of the best herbs to grow for decorative foliage include globe basil (small mounds of emerald green), bronze leaf basil or perilla, ornamental sages (with purple leaves, variegated gold leaves, or tricolor green, white, and pink leaves), and silver-leaved herbs such as gray santolina and lavender. For a great overall color scheme, complement the color of the foliage with nearby flowers.

In the next section, we'll explore techniques you can use to enhance your herb garden.

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