Herbs are a great way to spice up a meal - with the help of your own back yard. Learn all about herbs and herb gardens.

Basil is one of your favorite herbs and you would like learn how to grow it in your yard. This article will now tell you how to grow basil.

You'd like to learn how to grow herbs in pots so that you can grow them inside. This article will tell you how to grow herbs in pots.

You'd like to learn how to grow herbs. This article will teach you how to grow herbs.

When you know how to grow parsley you can exercise your green thumb and flavor your dishes. Learn about how to grow parsley in this article.

Thyme is an aromatic herb that you can learn how to grow at home. Learn how to grow thyme in this article.

You can't always have fresh herbs, but you can have freshly dried herbs if you learn how to dry your own herbs at home. Learn how to dry herbs in this article.

Basil is a beautifully fragrant plant that's easy to harvest. Learn about how to harvest basil in this article.

Spearmint, a flavor known to most, is a great perennial herb. It spreads rapidly and adds great texture to the fragrant garden. The toothed, rich green leaves of this perennial give off a wonderful aroma when rubbed. Learn more.

Calamint is a perennial herb. It produces tiny white or lilac flowers in late summer and fall and loves the sun. Great for the scented garden, it also attracts the attention of the local bee population. Learn about this lovely mint.

Dill is a wonderfully versatile annual that is both beautiful and edible. The feathery foliage and yellow flowers are both distinctively decorative and quite tasty. Read about caring for dill.

Licorice plant is an annual plant related to strawflowers. They are covered with furry, silver, heart-shaped leaves with cream or yellow coloration. Read more about this intriguing plant.

Curly parsley have textured, emerald leaves and can make a big impact when grown in bunches. The curling, divided leaves create a handsome mound of greenery and remain fresh and appealing throughout the season. Read more about this flowering stalk.

A clove a day keeps the doctor away? It might sound odd (and a bit stinky), but garlic has been used medicinally for centuries. In this article, we'll talk about growing, selecting and serving garlic, as well as explore the medicinal and healing history surrounding it.

Artemisias, or wormwoods, are rugged perennials that are usually selected for their silvery foliage. Size ranges from four inches to over four feet. Learn how to grow this shrublike herb.

The basil plant is an annual grown as an herb for culinary purposes and for its good looks. Basil grows well near tomatoes and also pairs well with them in many recipes. Learn about this herb.