HowStuffWorks Simplifies Holiday Shopping with Stuff Guides

ATLANTA - December 5, 2006 - Addressing the need for independent, expert buying advice and expanding on its core concept of explaining "how stuff works" in easy-to-understand language, now offers comprehensive guidance to help gift givers shop smarter -- on- or offline -- this holiday season. Through HowStuffWorks' "Stuff Guides," holiday shoppers are presented with not only an explanation of how certain products work, but also objective, expert product reviews and the ability to compare prices all within a single site.

HowStuffWorks focuses on four popular electronics products which are sure to be unwrapped by millions around the world this holiday season: MP3 players, LCD TVs, digital cameras and digital video cameras.

HowStuffWorks' "Stuff Guide to MP3 Players" can leave even the least technically savvy holiday shopper feeling like an expert. The site features sections including "How MP3 Players Work," which explains everything about the device that changed the way we listen to music, frequently asked questions about MP3 Players and product reviews and prices. The MP3 gift-buying guide also explains how to pick the right MP3 player to fit a specific lifestyle.

The "Stuff Guide to Digital Cameras" and the "Stuff Guide to Digital Camcorders" break down the three main features to look for when picking one of these digital devices, as well as frequently asked questions, the top digital brands, help for finding the right device for a particular lifestyle and product review and price comparison sections. Shoppers can also learn about the history of the two devices and how digital technology made them possible.

The "Stuff Guide to LCD TVs" presents the technology behind LCD TVs in layman's terms as well as what to look for when purchasing one. For those completely unfamiliar with the technology, HowStuffWorks highlights important concepts -- such as HDTV and aspect ratios -- to help educate buyers before they make a purchase.

The four "Stuff Guides" are a small sampling of an extensive library of thousands of buying guides and product reviews created by the editors of Consumer Guide and published exclusively online at HowStuffWorks. Consumer Guide has been helping consumers make smarter buying decisions for almost 40 years. Consumer Guide's experts review thousands of products each year, providing professional and unbiased evaluations over a range of criteria.

In addition to the "Stuff Guides," HowStuffWorks is also currently featuring the "Christmas Channel" this holiday season. This comprehensive guide to the holidays includes everything from explanations on "How Christmas Works" to party-planning tips and recipes, as well as fun and interesting holiday facts.

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