5 Fancy Shower Heads You Wish You Had

Shape and Sharpen
This one is more form over function.
This one is more form over function.

Showerheads aren't just about water flow. Their overall shape can have a big impact on the look and feel of a bathroom, too. From brutally minimalist industrial chrome tubing designs to graceful, flowing styles that appear almost organic, the lowly showerhead as a decorative statement has definitely arrived. Add some drama to your 15 minutes of morning water play with a daring shower fixture that will urbanize your dwelling and give it an uptown sensibility.

We also like glass-look showerheads that mimic the appearance of ice. They have a clean, fresh look that's right at home in a bathroom. If you're a devotee of glass block windows and accessories, glass design showerheads will make you want to get back in the water again -- and again.

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