Top 5 Reasons to Get a Handheld Shower Head


Clean Pets and Kids

Instead of sending your canine companion off to the groomer, save money by washing your pet at home. While a fixed showerhead typically can't provide enough water pressure to get Fido clean, a handheld unit concentrates the spray right where you need it, allowing you to wash away stinky pet odors.

These handheld showerheads also provide the perfect option for kids, who often feel overwhelmed by the noise and heavy spray in a standard shower. A handheld showerhead puts the control in their hands and can help them get used to showering on their own. For kids who still need a little help with hygiene, the handheld showerhead lets parents wash and rinse a child's hair while keeping soap away from the face. These units also make it easy to water plants and wash other household items, like hard-to-clean mini-blinds.