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Bathroom Design Idea: Creating Warmth with Color
The golden tone of the walls is picked up in the tiles on the shower, walls, and floor of the welcoming bath.
The golden tone of the walls is picked up in the tiles on the shower, walls, and floor of the welcoming bath.

While most contemporary bathroom designs use neutral or primary-plus-white color schemes, this one takes a painterly approach that's downright romantic.

A golden glow that's almost Impressionistic suffuses this bath, making it cozy even on the chilliest days. The confident complementary color scheme of yellow and violet is rendered here in a luscious cantaloupe and plum.

Used in conjunction with a naturally finished golden maple that's nearly the color of the tiles, the effect is as warm and uplifting as afternoon sunlight.

Semi-gloss walls in tangerine and plum add depth and richness to the color scheme, making the bath look larger without feeling remote.

Just the right amount of white keeps the colors from becoming monotonous; fittings and accessories in shiny chrome also add a cool touch that's distinctly contemporary.

A pristinely simple pure white sink and light fixtures in the same spirit make a fresh contrast to the colorful surroundings. To the right of the sink, a spacious closed cabinet in mellow maple and a narrow shelf below the frameless, beveled-edge mirror provide ample storage.

A spacious shower stall tiled in golden hues imparts a warm, pampering air. The shower wall, half tile, half glass, lets the sun shine in while providing a measure of privacy.

The private toilet is a great option for families.

A simple maple banquette next to the shower staff snuggles up beneath a small drop-down vanity storage shelf. Above, a good-size window offers ample natural light for applying makeup. The plum-and-gold color scheme is carried through into the adjacent bedroom.

A private toilet compartment offers all the necessities: good lighting, ample closed storage, and the all-important rack for reading material. The low-profile one-piece toilet takes up minimal space.

To create a similar look, choose two adjacent colors you love, and balance them with their opposite colors. To get the cozy effect of warmth in this bathroom, choose two soft tones. Or choose deeper colors that will give your bathroom more energy and a vibrant feel.

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