Bathroom Design Ideas

Bathroom Design Idea: Incorporating Sunlight
The Art Deco-style vanity provides a distinctive focal point in this bathroom.
The Art Deco-style vanity provides a distinctive focal point in this bathroom.

No matter how much you admire the clean-lined aesthetic of contemporary bathroom design, you'll probably be most comfortable in a bath that coddles you a little bit. This dramatic bath, while unquestionably the height of modernity, still offers some thoughtful comforts as well as thought-provoking design.

For one thing, the room feels even more spacious than it is, thanks to splendid views of the great outdoors. If you're lucky enough to have a house with protected, private views, you may want to maximize them with picture windows or even greenhouse windows -- bump-out models that have a glass "roof" over the window top to let in even more light.

Another appealing feature is the vanity, beautifully crafted in Art Deco-inspired style that's both modern and romantic. Classic sink fittings contribute to the sense that this piece is an heirloom from the 1930s.

The sun-bathed tub offers personal luxury.

A cleverly designed tub surround includes a two-tiered shelf with space for display above and room for stashing bath supplies below. The greenhouse-style window acts as a great light scoop and offers a fine view of the secluded garden.

Separate shower and toilet areas complete the luxury of this bathroom.

A separate compartment houses a urinal as well as a conventional low-profile toilet. Conveniently located glass shelves provide ample storage space.

Even if scenic views and custom-crafted vanities are not in your plan, you can still create a modern-style haven in your bath by keeping things simple.

If this understated Art Deco look is a little too traditional for you, think about livening your bathroom up with a refreshing minimalist look. Continue on to the next page to find ideas for a cool blue look.