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Bathroom Design Idea: Cool Blue

This cool blue bathroom is made for relaxation.
This cool blue bathroom is made for relaxation.

Just imagine coming in on a hot day from the garden or the tennis court and splashing cool water on your face in this bathroom, and you'll know the essence of refreshment.

Exquisitely engineered in virtually every detail, this deceptively simple-looking room has a lot more going for it than immediately meets the eye. Green glass, a durable but delicate-looking material, is beautiful and practical for the vanity top and door and creates a pleasing "watery" image most appropriate for a bath.

Beautiful blues -- cobalt and turquoise -- continue the water image and add depth to the scene.

Thoughtful details have been chosen for maximum function and elegant form.

Notable examples are the curvy, shiny wall radiators that heat up the setting's style appeal while they warm up the room.

If you remember radiators as ugly, clunky things, you'll scarcely recognize the sleek, shining, almost musical elements that decorate the walls of this bath and tub area. About all these dazzlers have in common with the old radiators is that they're made of metal.

A combination of curved and straight lines adds a subtle rhythm to this blue-and-white bath and keeps the minimalism from becoming too stark. A green glass door and coordinating vanity counter provide subtle color and luster.

Niches cut into the wall and vanity base function as cubbyhole storage -- and add a little more zip to the architecture.

A sparkling stainless-steel sink is a dazzling focal point to the softly glowing green glass counter-top. Above, a good-size mirror pulls the intense turquoise blue of the tub area into the room, adding more color in an intriguing way.

The aquatic energy simply shimmers in this modern, minimalist bathroom. If you like the streamlined look but want a bathroom that feels more serene, continue on to the next page to find a neutral-colored oasis with soothing Japanese inspirations.