Bathroom Design Ideas

Bathroom Design Idea: Artistic Styling

The safety features in this bathroom blend seamlessly with the overall design.
The safety features in this bathroom blend seamlessly with the overall design.

This 1950s-era bath received a complete makeover to update its looks and safety features. The room is accessible but not institutional-looking; a room that reflects a richly simple Arts & Crafts-inspired design, with subtle Asian influences.

This bathroom is an admirable example of universal access within a sophisticated decorative scheme. From up-to-the-minute features that offer safety and performance to Asian antiques that enrich the overall look, this bath is filled with thoughtful elements.

Annexing two feet of extra width from an adjacent closet allows for the separate bathing and showering functions safety experts recommend. Grab bars and rails -- some stock, some custom -- are everywhere you'd want them to be but don't appear intrusive.

A wall-hung toilet and bidet can be accessed from a wheelchair if need be; a custom support rail is good-looking and functional. A whirlpool tub sub-mounted to a solid-surfacing platform eliminates the obstruction of a tub lip. Other features include grab rails for safety and lever-handled faucets for easy manipulation.

An Asian-inspired wall-covering with a soft metallic finish gives depth and interest to the walls and ceiling. The result is a room that is universally appealing as well as universally accessible.

The Asian-inspired features in this bathroom complement a multitude of different styles. To learn more about Asian-inspired bathroom design, see the next section.