Bathroom Design Ideas

Bathroom Design Idea: Balanced Design
The Art-Deco-style vanity provides pleasing lines and plenty of storage in this transitional bathroom design.
The Art-Deco-style vanity provides pleasing lines and plenty of storage in this transitional bathroom design.

This transitional-style bathroom design proves the timeless appeal of an architectural design with "good bones" followed through with quality materials and execution.

It's difficult to decide what's most eye-catching in this space: the dramatic oversize skylight, the masterful vanity curving onto a second wall, or the frivolously pretty candle sconce contrasting with so much geometry. All these elements, large and small, work and look well together.

A sleekly simple shower stall, generous in size, features the added comfort of a built-in seat. The frameless glass door enhances the simple sculptural effect of the compartment's design.

The rounded shower stall is simple, yet elegantly luxurious.

A masterfully designed vanity includes all the storage, both open and closed, any user would ever need, all wrapped up in a handsome piece of furniture. Echoing the curved motif throughout the room, the vanity swerves gently to avoid a sharp right angle as it flows onto an adjacent wall. Cool metal pulls enhance the vanity's Art Deco-inspired good looks.

The straight beams of the ceiling provide a nice contrast with the curved lines in the fixtures.

This bath's design is unusually dynamic thanks to the series of repeated curves and squares balancing one another. Against this array of forthright shapes, the irrepressibly curly wall sconce, complete with real candles, lends an eye-catching, romantic contrast.

The space offers an array of ideas worth considering for your bath, whatever its size. Your vanity may not be a serpentine affair, but it should still include as many open/display and closed/private storage compartments as space allows and be rendered in the nicest material your budget will accommodate.

Your shower stall may be smaller, but adding a built-in bench (perhaps a pull-down model if space is really tight) is a sensible convenience. And whatever your budget or style, you can't do better for accessories than a few fresh blooms and candles.

If you prefer a more eclectic look to a defined style such as Art Deco, transitional design provides the perfect balance. Continue to the next page for some eclectic transitional design ideas.