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Bathroom Design Idea: The Middle Ages

The mix of tiles in this bathroom gives the look of an ancient bathhouse.
The mix of tiles in this bathroom gives the look of an ancient bathhouse.

Ceramic tile has been admired for its durable, brilliant color and shine since the earliest civilizations. This bathroom design pays willing homage to the beauty of tile with a design that evokes all the romance of ancient and medieval days.

Alluding to the cultures of Byzantium and Moorish Spain, among others, the space features a spirited mix of small glossy blue and green tiles; medium-size tiles in an ombré range of burnt umber, tan, and other earthy tones; and large tiles in pale, neutral tones embellished with intricate traditional motifs you'd expect to see on a shrine.

The combination sounds challenging, but the visual effect is layered, rich, and dazzling in a surprisingly subtle way. The romantic at heart might say that the effect is one of happening across an archaeological find of some sort.

A glass door with a scrolled brass handle and arched, open top beckons into the private enclave of the sunken tub area. The arch motif is repeated in the row of small, beautifully proportioned windows in the tub area.

A bather in this unique space enters another world. A sunken tub lined in small stone blue tiles and surrounded by larger tiles in warm-hued umber gives the slightly mysterious feeling of a pool in an ancient grotto. Arched windows let in ample light without compromising privacy and contribute to the ancient, romantic feeling.

While it's not Pompeii, it's certainly a treasure trove of timeless design ideas.

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