Bathroom Design Ideas

Bathroom Design Idea: White-on-White
The tub in this white-on-white bathroom gives bathers a seaside view.
The tub in this white-on-white bathroom gives bathers a seaside view.

A predominantly white bathroom design has universal appeal, but there are as many moods to white as there are people to appreciate them.

In this king-size master bath, an air of well-bred, quiet luxury has been established through an array of deftly understated touches. Most of these make use of white-on-white -- a scheme that seems to render even the most whimsical elements witty rather than cutesy.

Custom-made bathroom cabinets are trimmed in bamboo for a subtly exotic touch.

The result is a layered, rich look that exudes dignity and gives one a sense of the owners' personalities, too. The teak and white wood tub surround, for example, evokes both classic architecture and the timeless appeal of ships. The state-of-the-art tub is protected by a fiberglass finish and a traditional recessed-panel surround.

The vanity cabinets, traditionally simple except for exotic touches of bamboo trim, recall tropical English plantation influences. The ivory wall-covering and coordinating oyster white tile vanity trim are beautifully textured for a quiet opulence. The plantation look is enhanced by the door's fixed-louver top that lets air circulate but protects privacy.

The shower is even more beguiling thanks to accent tiles depicting shells, sand dollars, and starfish.

The shower stall is a masterpiece of white-on-white tiles in classic rope and marine-life motifs. Unlacquered brass fittings and a built-in seat of softly mottled polished stone enhance the underwater mystique.The overall effect of these signature elements is seaworthy but not cliché.

No matter what color scheme you choose for your own bathroom, the design should be centered around a distinctive focal point. To learn more about finding a focal point, see the next page.