A Guide to Bathroom Design

Bathroom Design Ideas

The mirror placed directly in front of the window allows for the use of natural light during make-up application

­You're eager to start choosing your beautiful new fixtures, fittings, tiles, and more. But wait: Avoid the patchwork approach. You can stuff a poor clothing purchase into the back of your closet and throw a cover over the wrong sofa, but installed product is a lot harder to disguise.

­So, take a little time to learn about basic bathroom layouts, including plumbing and mechanical considerations that may affect your choices -- and their costs. Then, reward yourself for your diligence by dipping into the basics of decorating success: how to use the toolbox of color, line, and shape to create a place that looks as good as it feels.

What kind of bath are you remodeling? This will affect your design ideas. On the next page, learn more about how to remodel master baths, family baths, and kids' baths.

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