How to Decorate a Half Bath

Don't let the name fool you. "Half bath" doesn't refer to the physical size -- in fact, some half baths are larger than a full-size bathroom. Rather, a half bath has a sink and toilet bowl, but no bathtub or shower, hence the name. It comes in handy, helping families to avoid the morning rush bottlenecks [source: Do It Yourself].

However, a half bath doesn't have to look like a utility room. You can decorate it, and make it look like an important part of your home -- which it is. Here are some guidelines for decorating your half bath:


  • Lighting Replacing fixtures with recessed lighting will make the room appear larger.
  • Paint Using light, pastel colors will add depth and brightness to the room. Alternatively, you can cover the walls with light-colored, decorative wallpaper.
  • Simplify Plan what items to add, but don't go overboard or you may end up with an uncomfortably cluttered room. You may just want to hang a few small pictures and hooks.
  • Shelving Depending on the size and layout of your half bath, install some shelves to store supplies, toiletries and knick knacks. Put the shelves up high to prevent bumps and bruises, especially if it's a small room.
  • Upgrade the fixtures Replace old, cracked, ugly fixtures such as cabinets, as necessary, with something that complements the new decor [source: Good housekeeping].