10 Things Your Kid's Dorm Room Doesn't Need

How much stuff can you fit into a tiny dorm room and still have space left over for textbooks and ramen noodles? See more college pictures.

No one will blame you if you're a bit shaken about sending your kid off to college. Try not to fret too much about this newly emerging parent/child dynamic, though. College doesn't mean that you'll be losing a child, so much as he or she will be gaining a whole lot of new stuff -- and you'll probably be footing the bill.

During back-to-school time, retailers make a mint selling dorm room supplies to college freshmen and their parents. Many items are tried-and-true necessities, but plenty of others are superfluous. In fact, I can virtually guarantee your kid will be dragging a ton of stuff home over winter break to free up some space in his room. So, before you go packing up lava lamps and dozens of stuffed animals, take a minute to review this handy-dandy list of 10 things that your kid's dorm room just doesn't need.