10 Things Your Kid's Dorm Room Doesn't Need


Coffeemaker/Blender/Toaster/Other Small Appliances

Your daughter has to have her morning espresso, and your son makes a protein shake before every workout. But before you pack up any coffeemakers or blenders for the dorm room, consider what your room and board check is for. As long as the campus has a full-service dining hall, there's no reason to take an entire kitchen's worth of small appliances. Plus, these appliances go hand in hand with increased risk of fire since irresponsible or sleep-deprived college kids and electrical equipment just don't mesh well. In fact, many dorms don't allow small appliances at all. But if your kid decides he can't make it without his joe during the dining hall off-hours, you can always ship him a new coffeemaker or allow him to plunder your appliances during Christmas break.

You probably also know from personal experience that just because your kid made a meal or snack doesn't mean that he excels at actually cleaning up after cooking. Just imagine all of those crumbs, crusts and sticky messes confined to a 6 foot by 8 foot living space. Shudder.