5 Tween Design Upgrades: Making the Switch from Kid to Tween Room

Budgeting for Your Tween's New Room

Given the level of marketing to kids and tweens, your child likely has high expectations when it comes to her new space. Start off the project on the right foot by giving her a realistic idea of your budget. Have her look up the prices of some of the furniture or accessories she's considering, and then help her come up with some creative and economical ways to outfit her new room while respecting the family finances.

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to totally transform a room is by investing in vintage or repurposed pieces. Members of the younger generation often embrace the green movement more so than many adults, and they may enjoy the challenge of finding or creating just their room design while also protecting the planet. Visit thrift shops or yard sales and look for hidden potential in furniture or accessories that can outfit your child's room. Use plywood and fabric to make your a headboard, which can serve as a unique focal point in the room. Drape fabric above the bed to create a homemade canopy, and give the walls a coat or two of fresh paint. Try a duvet cover or some vintage quilts to transform your child's bed without investing in all new bed linens.

For the ultimate in budget-friendly accessories, showcase your tween's special talents. Frame your child's favorite artwork or poetry, or create a display of photos or awards your child has won. There's no better way to add personality to your child's room than by accessorizing with the things that show off his or her unique skills.

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