Headboards Galore: Easy Room Upgrades

DIY Upholstery

Covering your existing headboard with fabric can give your bedroom a whole new look, and doing it yourself is much more budget-friendly than buying an upholstered headboard. Measure the headboard, then pick your perfect fabric (we suggest sturdy and stain resistant) and iron it flat. Spread the fabric out and cut it to size, leaving 5 to 7 inches around all of the edges (depending on depth of the headboard). Make sure the back of the fabric is facing up, and then lay down a piece of cotton batting on top of it and your headboard on top of the batting (front side down). Pull the fabric tightly across the back of the headboard and staple, alternating sides to keep the fabric even. Be sure to pick up the headboard and check on your progress as you go, so you can fix any mistakes.