Tips and Tricks to Make Your Bedroom Feel Bigger

Give small spaces a more spacious feel.
Give small spaces a more spacious feel.

Your bedroom can be your favorite room in your house with a few simple ideas that give you the feeling of more space – even if your current room is a bit crowded. Turn your sleeping space into the master suite you’ve always dreamed of with these space-saving ideas.

Add Multi-Tasking Nightstand

Swap out your tiny night table that fits only a lamp for mini-dressers on either side of the bed. These will not only be a home for your reading lamp, alarm clock, glasses and cell phone, but you can also use the small drawers for socks, underwear, ties, or even sweaters, so you can downsize your dresser and declutter your closet. Add mirrors behind your nightstand lamps, to create the illusion of space by reflecting light and brightening the space.

Go Under Your Bed

Clutter is the enemy of open space, so get several long, lidded under bed storage containers (the wheeled ones are great on hardwood) for out-of-season shoes, clothes and bags. Tuck them away and forget about them until you need to grab boots on a surprisingly cold day -- and suddenly they’re easily at hand, but not in the way.

Use the Foyer Closet

Most foyer and front hall closets are extremely underutilized spaces. Behind your coats and jackets, stash rarely-used dresses and suits in hanging garment bags. This is the place to store formal dresses, tuxedos, job interview suits – anything you don’t use more than once or twice a year. As tempting as it may be, don’t store clothes in dry cleaning bags – the plastic restricts airflow to the clothes and can cause mildew to form and discolor whites.

Choose the Same or Similar Colors

An easy visual trick that opens up a room is to match the drapes to the color of the walls and accent furniture. Try finding your window treatments first, and then have a paint color mixed to match. Lighter colors will create a more open feel. If you have small accent pieces, like chairs, frames, or wooden lamps, find a paint color that is a tone lighter, darker, or more metallic and paint them to match. For example, a rose gold spray painted accent chair would gently pop against warm caramel walls and window treatments.

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