Would you pay $64,950 for a bed?

The extravagant Vividus bed has been turning heads -- and giving others a serious case of sticker shock. See more pictures of home design.
Photo Courtesy of Hästens

While a lot of people's jaws would drop if asked whether they would pay $64,950 for a bed, there are others out there who would answer affirmatively -- even outside the typical luxury-purchase crowd. The luxury mattress industry has capitalized on the recent healthy-living trend and put to rest the idea that a good night's sleep isn't critical to well-being. Couple that with a few other factors -- like the deafening groans of affluent, aching agesters -- and you open up a market for top-of-the-line mattresses that cost more than most cars.

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The particular bed causing all this commotion is the Vividus bed, made by a Swedish-based company called Hästens. The company's ads daringly ask people how much they're willing to spend to enjoy years and years of blissful shuteye. If $64,950 is a little pricey, someone can scale back and try out one of their less expensive models like the popular 2000T, which will only set you back about a third of the amount.

The craftsmanship that goes into each Vividus mattress and frame has been honed to perfection over the past century and a half.
Photo Courtesy of Hästens

­Each customized Hästens' Vividus mattress is created by hand and takes between 140 and 160 man-hours to complete. The frame alone takes a week to create, and is made from slowly growing arctic pine and oiled oak. Hand-selected horsehairs are another of the all-natural ingredients in each Vividus, and they play an important role. The hollow horsehairs in the mattress help keep air flowing and moisture levels to a minimum. The beds also contain cotton,­ wool, flax, down and 10-turn steel springs. Hästens, which was founded in 1852, says its experience and high-quality artisanship, including the patented bedspring system, contribute to the beds' impressive signature feel.

Hästens is far from alone on the high-end mattress scene. To check out other pricey -- but super-comfy -- beds continue to the next page.