Tween Boy's Room Ideas

Help your tween create the coolest room on the block with some simple suggestions.
Help your tween create the coolest room on the block with some simple suggestions.


In the same way that tween girls start wearing makeup and paying more attention to fashion much like women do, tween boys mimic their adult counterparts. The tween years are a peculiar time for boys; they're beginning to discover their talents that will set them apart from the pack. Headed toward manhood, tweens start to assert their independence and want their bedrooms to reflect that.


Although they're still active and playful with their friends, tween boys don't want to be perceived as childish. Consider this when decorating your tween son's bedroom.



Sports seem like the go-to theme for tween boys. Whether it's soccer, basketball or anything else played with a ball and on a field, sports attract hoards of tween fans. There are plenty of bed-in-bag options that offer affordable sets of sports- and sports league-themed bedding. If your tween son is an amateur collector or has amassed some athletic trophies and memorabilia, provide a display area in the bedroom. Hat racks installed on the wall can also make for a handy showcase. When choosing a palette for the bedroom, perhaps copy your tween son's favorite team's colors. Just be sure to keep enough neutral items in the room to balance brightly colored sports accessories.


Surf & Turf

Extreme sports have grown in popularity among tween boys in recent years. Surfing and skateboarding, in particular, have gained legions of tween followers. If you don't live surfside, you can easily bring the beach to the bedroom. Paint the walls a calming ocean blue and add a wall decal of a surfer or surfboard. Skateboarding fans might like to mount their old boards on the wall for a cool accent. Large posters of skating and surfing scenes can be framed and hung as well. Swimwear and skating brands also sell themed bedding to tie the room together.

For a laid-back touch, paint a wall with writable chalkboard paint so your tween son can jot down test and homework reminders to make sure he has enough time to hang 10 in the sun.



Rock 'n' Roll

The tween years are a common time for boys to get into music. Whether he just started collecting albums or actually picked up a guitar or pair of drumsticks himself, you can design a bedroom around your tween son's music obsession. Chances are, he'll continue listening to music throughout his teen years as well, which means the dècor you pick out might suit him for a while.

For the musician tweens, plan the bedroom around his practice space. Grab a deep-toned area rug to create a cohesive area in the room for his music gear. A beanbag or lounge-style chair would also work well for seating. Consider adding a rack on the wall to store any straps, guitars and music-based video game controls. Instead of just hanging band posters, maybe tack up a series of vinyl records in a slick pattern.



College Life

Some tween boys are itching for independence before they've even gotten close to obtaining their driver's license. To grant your tween son a little taste of adult life, why not give his revamped bedroom a collegiate ambiance?

Loft bedding not only has a dormitory feel, but also opens up more floor space, where you can put a desk or lounge area. Hang a large bulletin board or whiteboard on the wall for messages and reminders, just like dorm rooms. Is there an alma mater he has his heart set on? Build the color scheme from that school's colors and logo.




Getting the most life out of a tween's bedroom dècor sometimes means toning down on the personality you inject into the design. The classic preppy boy's bedroom style will likely outlast one developed around an 11-year-old's love of hockey, for instance. Sticking to fairly neutral shades provides your tween son a blank canvas to create his own bedroom environment.

Consider striped, solid or checked bedding in deeper blues, greens and reds. If you're planning to go basic in the rest of the room, don't be afraid to mix up patterns in the comforter, sheets and pillows for an eye-catching splash. Wood paneling for the desk and cabinetry will complement the prep-school vibe. From there, your tween son can accessorize as he sees fit.