Tween Girl's Room Ideas

Goodbye, Barbie. Later, My Little Pony. It's time to revamp your tween girl's room into a hipper, more adolescent-friendly haven.
Goodbye, Barbie. Later, My Little Pony. It's time to revamp your tween girl's room into a hipper, more adolescent-friendly haven.


Goodbye, Barbie. Later, My Little Pony. It's time to revamp your tween girl's room into a hipper, more adolescent-friendly haven.


Many tween girls are image-conscious and starting to wear makeup, paying attention to clothing fashions and keeping up with what's cool in general. Kids' stuff is definitely out. When they come home after a long day at school or have friends over, tween girls want to feel comfortable in their rooms -- not like they walked into a child's playroom. Since tween trends can change as fast as popular boy bands, here are five cool room ideas that can take daughters from tween through teen.


Boho Chic

When you aren't sure which tween room style might fit your daughter the best, take a cue from her wardrobe. Does she favor looser-fitting, flowing clothing à la Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen? Do her outfits channel a bit of '70s hippie? If so, boho chic could fit the bill.

Think patterned tapestries for the walls and perhaps a gauzy canopy for the bed to add a slightly Moroccan feel. Floor-length curtains work well for a softening touch. You could also integrate beaded curtains across closets or storage spaces. The color palette should pull from richer earth tones, such as burgundy, chocolate and plum.



Connect the Dots

Polka dots, stripes and geometric shapes are fun, classic accents for a tween girl's room. Jazzing up a bedroom with patterns, rather than overly trendy movie-themed dècor will look fresh and up-to-date much longer.

Don't worry about trying to match up colors and patterns. Funky contrasts are in! A polka-dotted comforter can complement a striped area rug, for instance. Depending on your daughter's preference, go bold with the colors. Punchy pinks, oranges and greens are cheerful and inviting for tweens. For wall coverings, think twice about using permanent wallpaper. Circle-shaped decals and stickers in a rainbow of shades allow your daughter to add a personal -- and temporary -- touch to her walls.



Something Old, Something New

Retro styles can liven up a tween bedroom, especially when combined with a few modern pieces for a sleek contrast.

Colorwise, retro reds, greens and powder blues work well with splashes of white. Bedroom furniture with an antique effect can make a tween feel instantly grown up. Iron poster beds, French country frames and accent wall mirrors look sophisticated. For a more Breakfast at Tiffany's motif, toss down an animal-print rug and add a vintage luggage set in the corner for a chic storage space.


Instead of a CD player, your retro tween queen might prefer a kitschy record player or radio. Framed vintage prints and movie posters can also tie the room together.


Rock Star

If your tween can't live through a single day without catching an episode of Hannah Montana or listening to her Jonas Brothers album, a rock star-themed room might hit the right note. Steer clear of purchasing celebrity-specific items, since tween entertainment trends change frequently. Instead, capitalize on that rock 'n' roll (or pop or hip-hop) vibe your tween daughter digs.

Perhaps decorate with Hannah Montana colors, which are fuchsia, lavender and gold. Then, let your daughter express her own inner pop star. A mounted guitar, star-shaped wall decals or rock-star silhouettes could give the walls some rhythm. Funky star-patterned or animal-print bedding would also spice up the sleeping quarters. A bright, shaggy area rug for the floor can provide a fun accent -- and a soft spot to sit and strum away on her guitar.



Flower Power

Florals are a great way to update your tween daughter's room. There are endless floral-patterned bedding sets and matching curtains to serve as focal points.

To avoid turning a flowery room into an overgrown garden, stick with more neutral furniture pieces for balance. Cheerful colors in the room should evoke sunshine and the outdoors, and go for bright window treatments that let in plenty of light. For even more pizzazz, flower-shaped carpets and wall stickers can create a cohesive theme. To finish things off, a coordinating bouquet of silk flowers in a vase adds an attractive detail to the room.