10 Amazing Game Room Ideas


The Man Cave Game Room

If the testosterone is pretty thick around your house on the weekends, make your game room into a man cave deserving of a big bowl of pork rinds (or loaded nachos). You may have a pipe rack and humidor sensibility or prefer something a little less "country squire" chic, like a mini-hoop mounted over the wastepaper basket and the biggest flat screen TV you can afford.

Whatever you do design-wise, lose the pastels (along with the beads, brocades and elaborate accents), and don't even think about a matchy-matchy furniture setup. We like natural materials like wood, cork, bamboo, leather and wool. Weathered architectural and metal elements like wrought iron or gently rusted signs look at home in a man cave cum game room, too.

The idea is to capture the essence of casual, masculine ambience. Think tantalizing aftershave, not three-day-old underwear. We also like brass or pewter accents, dark lamp shades and hunter green (or rust red, navy or chocolate). Some of these suggestions may seem like the classic masculine cliché, but they work. If you ever thought a lavender dress shirt would look pretty strange on your guy, you can understand the value of sticking with the classics.