10 Amazing Game Room Ideas


Make a Space in the Garage

If your home is too small for a dedicated game room, annex part of the garage for fun and some masculine mayhem. Your significant other may spend a lot of time out there anyway. Lots of two-car garages are pretty deep these days, and that extra square footage can do more than store your winter driveway salt supply and snow blower. Instead, stow your seasonal items on a wire ceiling storage rack, and free up some space for a few feet of peel and stick flooring (or concrete paint), some seating, a foosball table and the all-important flat screen on a swivel arm.

After that, the embellishments are up to you. One nice thing about this arrangement is that a guy garage game area (think: craft room with chest hair), doesn't have to be a décor knockout. If your home's electric box is prominent on the back wall, paint some stripes on it like a barber pole, stick a do not disturb sign over it and you're done.