10 Amazing Game Room Ideas


Sell the Car and Convert the Garage

Build a stage for your budding rock star!
Build a stage for your budding rock star!
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If you're a two-car family on a one-wage budget, become a single-vehicle household. It sounds painful, but being able to use half the garage for something more entertaining than warehousing a gas hog has some merit; don't reject it outright. You'll save on insurance, vehicle maintenance and gasoline (probably), and you'll be forced to rethink the way you use energy.

With the money you save, you can invest in some of those game room toys you've always wanted, like a classic arcade game console or jukebox. If having to carpool -- even with a loved one -- doesn't appeal to you, you might consider putting in a car port and converting your entire garage into a game room. In some temperate states, a garage can be a sad waste of space. If you're just using it to store a few decades worth of family castoffs, what have you got to lose?