10 Cheap Home Decorating Ideas

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Go for a softer tone to change the mood of a room.
Go for a softer tone to change the mood of a room.

You can bring an entire room into the modern age just by changing a light fixture. Do-it-yourself stores have a great variety of stylish, affordable lighting options. It's not hard to change a light fixture -- just remember to turn off the electricity to that light at the breaker box before you get started.

Lighting -- whether it's natural or artificial -- plays a role in the mood of a room, too. You can change the amount of light in a room very simply and economically. Is your room too dark? Consider taking down your heavy curtains or shutters and letting the sunlight in. Going for a romantic look? Use table lamps or floor lamps to put light just where you want it, and replace high wattage bulbs with lower wattage ones for a softer light. Look around for a deal -- you might find a great bargain on a beautiful used lamp at a flea market or antique shop.

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