10 Cheap Home Decorating Ideas

Subtract Clutter
Focus on one part of the house at a time.
Focus on one part of the house at a time.

A room looks its best when it's neat and tidy. In everyday life, however, things get messy. The cheap and easy solution? Lighten the clutter load! Step one is free: Sift, sort and toss unnecessary stuff. Step two: Get creative with nifty storage containers to corral necessary stuff. Baskets or bins that slip into entertainment units and bookshelves work great for keeping small items and toys organized. Larger, decorative baskets can help works in progress, like books and needlework, look like part of the décor while keeping them conveniently close at hand. Other ways to lose the cluttered look:

  • Organize your shelves
  • Reduce the number of collectibles on display
  • Move excess furniture out of crowded rooms

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