10 Great Craft Room Ideas

Making It Comfortable

Think back on the pictures of fantasy craft rooms you've seen in magazines. You know -- the ones that make you all dreamy-eyed and eager for the kids to head off to college so you can convert their rooms into craft spaces. Chances are those luscious designer craft areas shared a feature in common: a nice comfy place to sit. It may have been an overstuffed loveseat, a daybed or a leather desk chair; whatever it was, it looked like a spot where you could commune with your muse in peace. While you're arranging for plenty of storage and countertop space in your new craft room, don't forget to carve out a nook (or cranny) where you can relax and be your best creative self without having to sit on the floor. Space can be a big consideration in craft room design, so make comfortable seating an unwavering priority.