10 Great Craft Room Ideas

Getting Inspired
Let your creativity take you away!
Let your creativity take you away!

You have the magazines, you visited the craft shows, and you may have even made a few preliminary drawings to represent an idea. Now all you need is the impetus to move that idea forward. One critical component in any craft space is a dynamic, interactive spot where you can coax your imagination to the next level.

This isn't a design wall; it's an inspiration area where you can display that peacock feather, lay out a handful of ocean glass, drape a section of ribbon and analyze them until your seminal idea takes shape. You may not know what those things have in common yet, or how you can use them in harmony. That's why you need somewhere to keep them in sight until your creative compass shows your true north. It could be one empty shelf lined with black velvet, a shadowbox or bulletin board. Your craft specialty and personal style will determine how your inspiration area will take shape.