10 High-Tech Home Innovations


Look out on the patio. Is it a pool? Is it a floor? No. It's a Hydrofloor. If you want to increase the amount of usable space on your property, but your swimming pool takes up too much real estate, then the Hydrofloor is just what the architect ordered. With one push of the button, the Hydrofloor slowly rises from the bottom of the pool to any depth you desire. At its highest level, the Hydrofloor completely covers the pool and blends in with the surrounding floor or patio, and is safe to walk on. You and your family can dance, walk or play games on the Hydrofloor without fear of getting wet. The Hydrofloor also saves money and energy by completely covering a heated pool when no one is swimming. The price to install a Hydrofloor depends on the area the floor will cover and other factors [source: Nosowitz].

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