10 High-Tech Home Innovations

Smart Glass

How many times have you drawn the blinds, shades or curtains to keep nosey neighbors from seeing what you're having for dinner? The days of blinds, curtains and shutters are now over thanks to some of the brainiest windows in the world. So-called "smart glass," or switchable glass, allows you to bask in the sun's light while still enjoying your privacy. The windows change from clear to translucent, partially blocking the sun's rays when an electrical charge energizes special materials inside the glass.

Depending on the glass, the windows can change in seconds or minutes. Some block out light entirely. You can manually operate the switchable glass, or hook the windows up to an automatic sensor that regulates the amount of light passing through [source: Automated Building]. Smart glass can also save you money by decreasing energy costs, and some even allow you to project images that keep time with music on the glass. Do what you want. Your neighbor can't see inside.

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