10 Home Design Crimes


Don't Paint Walls With Bold Colors or Designs

Twenty years ago, it was popular to paint accent walls dark red or green, and while some homes are still sporting evidence of that trend, its time has passed. Painting each room in your home a different color is tacky and distracting. Instead, select paint colors from a single color palette, like earth tones or coordinating shades of light blue, that make transitions from room to room feel soothing and consistent. Shades of gray and beige are popular paint colors that are comforting to the eye and will serve as great backdrops for the focal points of a room, like furniture and artwork.

If you find yourself in the checkout line of your local craft store with tiny heart and flower stamps or stencils to use as a border in a room of your home, we beg you to slowly back away from the cash register and put the stamps and stencils back where you found them. These artistic details, while inexpensive and simple, hinder the potential of a room’s design. If you’re determined to stencil or stamp walls in your home, consider creating a design that mimics a stylish wallpaper pattern that will add a bit of color and flair to a room.