10 Home Design Crimes

Don't Decorate with Tacky Kitchen Decor
It was a clean, modern kitchen until someone decorated with roosters.
It was a clean, modern kitchen until someone decorated with roosters.
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A friend once told me about a ghastly kitchen she and her husband saw when they were searching for their dream condo. The real estate agent turned on the kitchen light, and she gaped in horror at the chef-themed kitchen in front of her, complete with stenciled kitschy chef art and quotes about cooking on every cabinet.

Moral of the story: Beware of over-embellishing a room with themed decor. If a quick glance around your kitchen reveals your intense love for Paris, pot-bellied pigs or fruit-themed knick-knacks, it might be time to simplify your style and makeover your space.

Other bad kitchen decorations that are outdated include olive oil jars with floating peppers and vegetables; throw them away or donate them. Decorating with baskets is another kitchen décor faux pas; baskets should only be used to store your laundry and winter blankets; never display them above kitchen cabinets. The kitchen is often a favorite gathering space in a home -- a room where the entire family spends time cooking, eating, laughing and talking. As with any room in your home, the décor in your kitchen should feel warm, inviting and simple. With a little time and effort, you can create a space that you and your family will enjoy for many years to come.

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