10 Home Design Crimes


Don't Match Everything in a Room

Choose complementary furniture and accents instead of going matchy-matchy.
Choose complementary furniture and accents instead of going matchy-matchy.

If you're someone who likes everything in a room to match perfectly, try decorating a little outside the box! Picking out a set of furniture, coordinating accessories and choosing paint colors can seem overwhelming when you're faced with a blank, white canvas. Move through the process slowly, and make notes of colors and pieces that inspire you and make you feel comfortable. Expensive items, like couches, chairs and tables, are great items to buy first. Don't feel pressured to buy every matching piece in a set as you shop for furniture. Instead, purchase the couch, and hunt for two accent chairs that coordinate well with the larger pieces in the room.

After you arrange these items in a room, pull a hue from accent pillows, furniture or artwork to find a perfect coordinating paint color for the walls. When choosing a paint palette, remember that the walls and furniture in a space should blend well together, but shouldn't match perfectly. As a finishing touch, tie the whole design together with a set of window panels. Stay away from frilly, heavy and fussy fabrics. Window treatments in light shades will complement most color schemes well and won't draw the focus away from the statement pieces of a space.