10 Home Design Crimes


Don't Carpet your Bathroom

While you might like feeling a fuzzy rug under your wet toes as you step out of the bathtub or shower, carpeting your bathroom is largely considered a home design mistake.

The toilet, sink, bathtub and shower all have the possibility of leaking, which could mean a disaster if you have carpet in the bathroom instead of tile or hardwood. Even if you're lucky and these areas in your home never leak, water can easily splash on the floor, and wet bodies walking around after baths and showers can allow water to seep beneath the carpet. Over time, wet carpet leads to mold and mildew problems, causing foul odors and health hazards to you and your family. If you've got carpet in the bathroom and have the funds to replace it, we recommend slate or tile flooring instead. Both are durable and easy to keep clean!