10 Home Design Crimes


Don't Decorate with Fake Plants

It doesn't matter if you decorate with plastic greenery inside or outside, it's a design faux pas. Inside, fake ivy, ferns and flower arrangements collect mounds of dust and cheapen your home's overall design. Outside, planting imitation daffodils, daisies and sunflowers send the message to others that you're too lazy to take the time to cultivate and nurture real plants -- and it's also very likely that your neighbors might wonder if you've lost your mind.

Resist spending your hard-earned cash on fake plants, and opt for fresh flowers instead. When used in moderation, dried floral arrangements can also accent your home beautifully. If you're creative and crafty, shop for a paper flower kit to your liking from a fine paper shop like Paper Source, pull out your scissors and get to work. Three-dimensional paper flower arrangements, wreaths and garlands are affordable and simple ways to accent a space, and no green thumb is required!