10 Home Design Crimes


Don't Decorate with Bad Retro Trends

Except for the lava lamp, it's a pretty nice console table.
Except for the lava lamp, it's a pretty nice console table.

Many popular trends of decades past should stay in the history books where they belong. Mirrored walls and ceilings might have been considered swanky in the '70s, but today, they make a room look sleazy and unfashionable. Similarly, wood paneled walls are a home design trend that will most likely never come back in style. If you're currently living in an older home with wood paneled walls, pull out a roller and start painting. You can make over your dark, wood walls very easily with a few light coats of paint, brightening the space drastically in an instant.

While certain retro pieces have come back with a vengeance, like bar carts, Eames lounge chairs and sunburst mirrors and clocks, there are just as many that should stay boxed up in your attic. Unless you have a teenager living at home, disco balls, blow-up plastic chairs, bean bags and lava lamps shouldn't be anywhere in sight. Retro collectables are often meaningful and hard to let go of, but take a little time to go through items, donate some to your local thrift store and make space for new, contemporary pieces. When in doubt, throw it out.